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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happening Around Here

Hello friends, it’s been a while!

I thought it was about time to pop back here and give you some glimpses of what’s been happening around here!

There has been art! So much art I have made and sold and not even gotten chance to share here!

And purging ... much clearing and purging and unloading of the “stuff” to make room for the new and energizing!

I’ve also been busy reorganizing and redecorating many rooms. They  feel lighter now ... in color and in energy!

In the shuffle, there was also a chest of drawers make-over and a brand new picture wall, that is yet to be filled!

Also two peg boards, one still being in progress in my daughter’s room!

And so much more! But I think, for now, I will just give you a few glimpses!

My latest love is plaster sculpting! All of the above is work in progress right now - and then some! I’m totally loving the houses/niches!

The garden is thriving, despite the recent weeks of hard frost. But in true low dessert fashion, we’re quite warm again now!


Not even the arts/craft room/studio was spared the purging and organizing!



The revamped IKEA dresser and some of the yet to be filled empty frames on the picture wall!


The beginnings of some nourishing bone broth!

The cat is served!

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  1. So glad you posted. I missed your updates. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year sweetheart!! I love it when you post and I can live vicariously with you and the babies, even though they are not babies any more...

    I can't help it B!! I knew them in the womb, they will ALWAYS be my babies!! ♥

  3. "The cat is served" LOL
    I'm very impressed how good in organizing you are! All rooms look really amazing! Your plaster miniatures are very beautiful.

    Tenancy cleaning Clapham

  4. I love your blogs..so very helpful.
    Also noticed you haven't been on here in months...do hope you are fine.
    I enjoy your talents~your home lokks great.


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