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About Me

Create. Inspire. Expand.

I am a mixed media and digital artist, blogger, baker, cook, caretaker of numerous growing things (human, animal &  plant) and general  creator  extraordinaire.

I enjoy giving instruction, inspiration and empowerment to anyone who seeks to express, what is alive in themselves, be it through creating beautiful art, delicious recipes, pretty crafts, preserving memories, healthful pursuits or a nurturing and inviting home!

I am so grateful that through my blog, I am able to not only share my art with you, but also my life and the journey to building a creative, expansive and conscious life!

An Unintentional Artist.

I never really set out to be an artist. Mostly, because I was convinced that I just didn’t have the “talent” to be a “real” artist. In my mind, ”real” artists go to art school, they have amazing talent, practically out of the cradle, they have a keen eye for proportions, only to be enhanced by crazy cool skills they just sort of acquire through the years.

And me, well, as far as I was concerned, I didn’t really have any of that. Sure, I was creative in many areas, but “real” artists paint and draw, and I couldn’t do that. I know, my definition of an artist was quite ridiculous, really!

But, you see, “I have proof,” said my mind, whenever I picked up a pencil or a brush and tried to translate something from my mind or eye to the paper. “You might really want to do this, but clearly you don’t have what it takes!” Whatever I had produced looked like something a 3-year-old had drawn and nothing like what was in my mind’s eye or what an “artist” would draw/paint!

And of course it would, because without practice, you very rarely acquire skills. Unfortunately, when it comes to art, we tend to compare ourselves to the pieces that inspire us, the art of masters, not to the artists on the level we’re really at.
And comparison is indeed the thief of joy at the best of times, but particularly when we become our own worst art critics by making absolutely unfair comparisons.

So, for many years, even while making my living as a digital scrapbook designer (which is essentially being an artist,) I would stay away from actual paint. Sadly. Because, really, it was calling me! I just didn’t have the courage to open myself up to that calling.

Until one day I did! I gave myself permission to just play!

The colors, the paints, the mess, the stamps and gesso and crayons - they were all calling my name. And instead of expecting a master piece, I just started to play. And I was hooked!
So, I painted, and glued, and layered, and smeared, and dripped and stamped, and sketched like never before. I got gloriously messy. I explored the material. And while I was having all that fun, I learnt. And practiced. And acquired skills.

And everything changed and shifted and eventually this whole new world opened up for me and is still opening up as I walk this path!

And through art and within art, I have found ways to communicate, to inspire, to save  and  to heal. I have found courage, as well as vulnerability, amazing possibilities and connections and maybe most of all - joy and gratitude!

And I’m so happy that I get to share it all with you!

40 Random Things About Me:

  1. Birgit is pronounced Beer-git, but through the years of living in English speaking countries, I have learned to respond to anything from plain B to Burger, and every weird and wonderful variation of my name in between.
  2. I was born and raised in Germany. Bavaria (the South,) to be precise! Yes, it is important to be precise about that one!
  3. Unless I need a label for identification purposes or it won't come off, I am not a fan of product labels.
  4. I lived in the UK for 12 years, prior to moving to the USA.
  5. I LOVE water - oceans, seas, rivers, rain, lakes, ponds, streams, drinking water, baths, swimming pool, etc.  There isn’t much that water won’t make better for me!
  6. I don’t do heat very well! I don’t do dry very well either!
  7. Ironically, I live in the desert. How did that happen?
  8. I spent many years in Camphill Villages - in England, Scotland, Germany and Switzerland.
  9. I am a Classical Homeopath (Lic. Hom.) but I don’t practice here in the USA.
  10. I believe in daily “tickle fests” with my kids.
  11. I am also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and an Access Bars Facilitator.
  12. I didn’t get to see/hold my baby girl until she was 4 days old. We ended up in separate hospitals!
  13. My favorite watching is still British TV.
  14. I used to suffer from PTSD.
  15. I am a double Libra.
  16. I wrote a book once. When I was twelve. It was very tragic.
  17. My favorite food is Sushi.
  18. I have moved 18 times in my life.
  19. My favorite colors are purple, maroon and teal.
  20. I love to meditate every day.
  21. Wish I could say the same about exercise.
  22. I believe that kindness and gratitude change everything.
  23. I have really thick hair, and a lot of it, and it grows really fast!
  24. I can get really obsessed with a particular song for a while. I will listen to it over and over, until I get it out of my system - or into it, not sure what happens there!
  25. I LOVE tea! Iced or hot. In all kinds of varieties.
  26. I believe in random and spontaneous dance parties.
  27. I love to be organized - my family doesn’t!
  28. My kids and their only cousin were all born on the same weekend!
  29. I really, really miss living by the sea.
  30. My eyes change color. Most of the time they are green, but they can turn blue, teal and sometimes more of a deep grey.
  31. I believe in practicing gratitude, joy and courage every single day!
  32. I’m not that fond of Peanuts. Or corn.
  33. Initially, I only meant to stay for 2 weeks in the USA. It’s been 16 years, so far!
  34. I had my tonsils taken out when I was a child. They grew back.
  35. I can’t sleep without some kind of blanket, even when it’s really hot.
  36. When I moved my belongings from Scotland to the USA, it all got lost, never to be found again. Talk about a completely NEW start!
  37. I rarely watch TV without also doing something else. Multi-tasking is me!
  38. My name has many origins and means many things, all of which I love. For example “exalted one” (Scandinavian origin), “to help” (Norse), “Splendid and strong” (Celtic) and also “shining light”. When I was a child, I read in a book, that my name meant “the hammer” which led me to really dislike my name for a while and wonder why anyone would want to name their kid “hammer!”
  39. American customs that will never make sense to me: 1.)  The American week starts on a Sunday. 2.)  The month is written before the day in a date.
  40. I believe that when we truly show up, share our unique gifts with the world, we not only give others the permission and inspiration to do the same, but we shift the consciousness of the entire planet!

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