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Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Release this week: The Rain or Shine Mini Kit

Your Free Gift With purchase until Oct 1st, 2007:

And a LO made with the kit:

Ahhh yes, the terrible twos :D - times two ... but both in quite different ways!
This is very much part of our daily lives right now. Patience is not your strong paint at all, so quite often you get VERY frustrated when things don't happen right the second you want them to. You have always had your little world come to an end over the slightest thing, but now we have the added bonus of a willful temper and the "terrible twos"! It makes for a lot of screaming, kicking and tearful tempers and you won't be distracted either.You want to be quite sure that all your effort has maximum effect and your not at all happy when we duly ignore the red faced screaming bundle of outrage that's writhing on the floor! I hope that with time we can learn a few better ways of dealing with frustration and scenes like this will be more and more a thing of the past! I love you very much!

Rain or Shine Mini Kit - Birgit Kerr
Worn Label Alpha - Birgit Kerr
Upside down staple from Easy Living - Birgit Kerr
Font : Pea Jennifer
I scraplifted the title idea but now I can't find it in my favs, I'll update the credit when I located it again.

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