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Sunday, September 30, 2007

So, I went to the hairdresser yesterday - 3 hrs (takes that long to weave highlights into all of that hair of mine) of just sitting around and doing NOTHING ... wow! And I did the deed ... had quite a bit of my now rather long hair cut off and donated it to "locks for love". I feel about 10 lbs lighter lol Seriously with my thick, full hair, all those inches make quite a difference. My hair is still long enough to be put back in a ponytail or updo, but it's in this annoying inbetween stage now, where it's not really long and not quite short enough, so I think I need to do the "pulled back" into a clip or a ponytail thing for a while until I either make the plunge into a really short hair cut or let it grow a little longer! It is nice though to be able to find clips again that accommodate my hair :)
Stay tuned for tomorrows releases - yes, it's the first of the month, which means lots of releases at the guild!!
I might give you a sneak peak of my featured product for the month of October tonight!
Oh and be sure to check out this blog on Oct 3rd ... there'll be something special going on! :)

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