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Friday, November 2, 2007

Max, my niece Ani and Anna (all the same age ) getting busy at the sandbox while Gampa was putting it up!

This is your favorite occupation right now!
Anna will come up to me and say "Lets play sand!" or
"Lets play sandbox!" and both Max and you run to the
door in anticipation of great sandbox adventures in the garden.

Grandpa built this sandbox for you over a year ago but you were only
really ready recently. You would have probably been ready a little
earlier, but weve had such a hot summer that being outside for any
length of time hasnt really been an option.
But when grandpa, gramma and Ani where here for your second
birthday week, granpa set up the sand box for you, complete
with purple (!) sand and toys!

Youve been busy with your sandbox ever since! You dig it, you
form it, you sift it, you throw it, you eat it (Max) and you carry
it around in your little buckets.
We now have your sandbox set up in a tent like gazebo in the
garden out of the way of leaves, tree sap, mosquitoes and you
have your own little sandbox "arena". In fact as I type, Anna
just asked to "go outside, play sand!", so I better
wrap this up, get you your shoes and get ready
for another great adventure of dinosaurs lost in purple
sand dunes, rescued by beeping trucks, colorful shovels and pat-a-cakes!
Lets play sand!!

Brighten My Day Combo Pack, Glitter Mega Pack, Rock Me Mini Kit, BGpaper (from the guild kit), Edgy Edges Cardboard - Birgit Kerr
Glitter (sand) recolored - Debb Cozzi
Paper fold - Karah Fredricks
Alpha - Kate Hadfield
Fonts: My Old Remington, Sanigaw

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