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Friday, February 1, 2008

Couldn't get on blogger again yesterday, and it took ages this morning too, but here is the LO I posted yesterday:

A LO about my 2 year olds love of (obsession with ? lol) letters/reading/writing.

Journaling reads:
You love letters!
For months now that's almost all you want to occupy your day with. You spell out everything you see, you absolutely adore your magnetic letters and you spend a good part of your day running between rooms, sorting them all and getting very excited when you find certain letters, or more than one of the same kind. You first spelled your name at only 19 months and you haven't looked back since.
You can name them all (except W, which you know but cant pronounce yet), you know their phonetic as well other names, you can read them in upper, lower and some cursive and since you got a Magna Doodle just before Christmas, you delight yourself and us with learning to write too! You are at your happiest when you are involved with something that has letters. Reading, writing, spelling, looking at letters, playing with letters, drawing letters ... and all that at 27 Months old!
You are amazing!!

Even now as I type, you are looking over my shoulder, spelling out the letters you see on this page. You spelled well before you started to talk much, which you've only started doing quite recently.I l-o-v-e y-o-u!

By Birgit Kerr (me)
Lined Paper, wire flower - Her Heart
Wire Wrap - That's a Wrap
Glitter (recolored), star stitching - Weihnacht
Clip - Brighten my day
Alpha Tiles - Wood Tile Alpha
Crumpled Alpha
Funky Felt Flowers - Jen U
Tied Eyelet - Lorie Davison
Chipboard Alpha - Shabby Princess
Fold Template and button - Karah Fredricks
Dotted Paper - ah! design
Messy Stamped Alpha - Traci Reed

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