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Saturday, July 12, 2008

For full credits or comments please check here!

This LO is about my 32 months old son's writing and spelling progress. It's totally his passion as you can see lol

I was inspired by all the blocked LOs I've seen recently, by Cathrine, Debbie and Vinnie to name but a few.

Journaling (in the various boxes):
You've really taking off on your spelling and writing skills. It's one of your fav activities right now! You sit there and write word after word, or sounding it out and write it down the way it sounds. You never copy your words from anywhere - it's all from memory.

The Tongue of Concentration (pointing up to the photo)

(On the photo)
Pausing to check that everything is as it should be. You are quite the perfectionist. You were not happy at all when I took a photo of the word MOM because the "M" was not right!
---> Max wipes most words off his magna doodle really fast so getting photos of them is a real race lol

The other words are some of the words Max has written but that I haven't managed to get on camera Smile

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