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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 “As Seen On TV” Products that actually work

… and I still use them!

Over the years most of us have probably seen one thing or another on late night TV that made us want to jump up and BUY it NOW, because really it promises to do what we SO need it to do. And then you either go and read the reviews and it’s just not good or you actually buy it and end up disappointed, feeling like you totally wasted your money!


There are however some things that I found to have really been useful to me and stood the test of time.

1) Magic Bullet.


I put that thing through it’s paces so much, I can’t even tell you. I got it just when my husband and I moved in together (2 person cooking) and it saw us through many a soup, sauce, smoothie and shake.

Then the twins came along and I made sooo much baby food in that little thing. I was making all my own baby food from the word go and the magic bullet was totally instrumental in this.

After 3 years of more than daily use, the cups started to develop cracks from so much dishwashing and since our baby food use had diminished at that point and we were a larger family now, I didn’t replace it. But for a 2 person household or a baby household – invaluable!

To me it had two drawbacks, even though minor.

1) the juicer really doesn’t work very well, you might as well not bother with it. So don’t buy it for the juicer function!

2) With dry-ish grinding of something, or something that is more pulpy than liquid, you sometimes need to either shake it in between or stop and stir to get an even and smooth distribution.


2) Cyber Clean.


This is a more recent discovery of mine and I love it. It’s like silly putty for adults and it sure does an awesome job of cleaning keyboards, remotes, phones etc Even my camera gets the once over with this around the dials etc. It’s great and I would totally recommend it!


3) Oxy Clean. It’s a staple in our laundry! What can I say Happy


4) Pillow Pets.

21FZWvNMnJL._SL500_AA300_[1] cozycow[1]

In daily use by our children for a year now. They love them. They play with their pillow pets, they sleep with them, they travel with them. These were really not a passing fad for our children!


5) The Wow containers.


We use them pretty much every day. They really are the most versatile storage containers I’ve ever had. No more hunting for lids, no more half full containers because I had to fit one more spoon full in and had to go a size up. Every lid is also a container, every container can also serve as a lid. The stack neatly inside each other when not in use (read: more cupboard space.) They totally serve our every container need and we pretty much dispensed with all others now!



So, what are your “As seen on TV” buys that have stood the test of time? Or total disasters? Curious minds want to know!

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  1. I second that Magic Bullet. I love mine! Especially for making baby food.

    Also, I like my rubber broom/mop thing. Not sure what it's called but it has rubber bristles on the one side for sweeping, and then a squeegee on the other for mopping.

  2. I find the green bags worth the money. They keep strawberries fresher than the 3 days that they usually last around here before they go bad. The pedi egg rocks as well.

    Love my magic bullet and oxyclean, now I will try the cyberclean too. Thanks B!

  3. Alana, I have wondered about the squeegee thingy. We have tiles in 3/4 of our house and I like the idea. How does it do on grout lines?

    And yes, forgot about the green bags. I keep on forgetting I have them. But they do work!


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