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Wednesday, December 1, 2010



1.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas .. well almost! I’m currently getting prepared for the big decoration onslaught!

PB306017[1] {Want to guess our color scheme this year? lol}

I will break with tradition this year and put the tree up quite early. Having grown up in Germany, we never had the tree up before the 24th! In fact when we were little we had quite the tradition. My father, my younger brother and me would go to a Matinee (Disney type of movies usually) while Mom would trim the tree and deck the halls!

The revealing of the tree on Christmas Eve evening was always so breathtaking!

However, my  American husband thought that was a little late, as did my children, so they have been wearing me down over the years and the tree has gone up earlier and earlier.

So this year will probably be the earliest I’ve ever put up the decorations.

But the first of Advent has passed, so I think we’re ok :)


2. I really wish that makers of flameless candles didn’t feel the need to make the flames look orange!! What’s up with that? They call it a realistic flicker but I have to be honest, none of my candles ever look Halloween orange when they burn! Confused


3. The first stop of the SBG Blog Train has been posted! Keep updated on the various stops with the master list on the SBG Blog!


4. There’s the most wonderful smell in this house! I just pulled out my first experiment with gluten-free pumpkin bread (an adaptation of a Bobby Flay recipe) and if it tastes only half as good as it smells, it will be awesome! It needs to cool first though!

Recipe to follow if it’s good Smile


5. I’m still waiting on my mantle shelf. I’ve been waiting and waiting to decorate it . Since we don’t have a fireplace and really don’t need one, we also don’t have a mantle. But I really really want to decorate a mangle for the holidays but none of the regularly available ones fit in the space I had in mind.  So I found an etsy seller that makes them to meassure!

Can’t wait to finally get it! It should arrive sometime this week!

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