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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Low-Carb Milk Recipe #2 (LC, GF, SF)

For years I’ve been using my other low-carb milk recipe, but since I found a pretty low carb dried whole milk powder, I’ve altered my recipe a little bit recently and really like it just a tad better than my other one.


I can’t tell the difference between this one and real milk, not only that, my children can’t either - not even my ultra-fussy milk drinker of a daughter, who will detect the slightest change in taste in her milk!

So I figured it might be worth sharing!



Makes just a little over 2 cups.


2 tbsp.  unflavored whey protein powder

1 tbsp. dried whole milk powder

1/8 tsp. Purevia (maybe not even that much - more like a largish pinch)

4 tbsp. heavy whipping cream (or less, depending on how rich you like it)
2 cups water


Mix dry ingredients and whisk vigorously into the water until everything is dissolved. Chill and use like regular milk.


Nutritional Information: 4 g carbs, 0.8 g fiber, 19 g protein, 309 calories

So that makes it 1.6 g of net carbs for 1 cup.

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1 comment:

  1. This sounds fantastic. I have been low carbing for over 5 years and milk is one of the things I miss the most! Thanks. I will begin the hunt for powdered whole milk.


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