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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make your own Sanding “Sugar” (LC, SF, GF)


It’s really easy to do - even for us sugar-free folks!

All you need is granular Erythritol and regular food colors.



In a small bowl, place about 2 tablespoons of  granular erythritol and 2 drops of food color of choice.



With the back of a teaspoon, stir, grind and mix the sugar until the food color is equally distributed.



Spread it out at the bottom of your bowl and let it dry for half an hour or so.  Store in an air tight jar.



For deeper colors, use gel food colors. Just a teeny dab from a toothpick! A little goes a long way. Mix with one or two drops of water. Then add to the erythritol and work it in like before!

With some food coloring it also works to add the erythritol to a jar, add the drops of food color and then shake, shake, shake until it’s all nicely distributed among the crystals!

Personally, I prefer the spoon method  though!



Use it as you would regular sanding sugar. Whatever your theme might be, now you can decorate the sugar-free way! Rim a glass, sprinkle it on low-carb cookies, decorate cupcakes, roll truffles in it - whatever you can think of!

And if you don’t need to be sugar-free but would still like to make your own sanding sugars, do the same as above - just with either regular sugar, or the plain sanding sugar (it has larger crystals!)


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