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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Favorite Low-Carb Chocolate Indulgence (sugar-free and gluten-free too)

Lauren’s Pots de Crème!
They are so rich, so chocolaty, so indulgent!
These easy-to-make little things are my chocolate delight. They set up quite firm and once thoroughly chilled, and taste a lot like the smooth,  ultra- chocolaty inside of a truffle!
So good!
And since I’m totally into mason jar desserts at the moment, I of course make those in the mason jars too!
I usually double the recipe and cook them in ten 4-oz. mason jars (at 3g carbs a shot.) It’s good portion control for both me and the rest of the family.
It’s also a cute way to present them and a very easy way to store it in the fridge! Just put the lids on and stack them in the fridge! For a more substantial dessert you can also use the 1/2 pint wide mouth jars (6 when doubling the recipe)
And these are a pretty popular (and portable) dessert to bring anywhere too, as are all the pot desserts. Especially when you decorate the jars and/or tie the spoons on them!

And the chocolate “truffle” mix can be used in other ways too! But that’s another post. For now I leave you to try the original version first !

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  1. No recipe? Must be keeping this one to yourself.
    Greedy, greedy.

    Or is this an extension of the chocolate cream?


  2. Click on the link that says: Lauren's Pots de Creme :)

  3. Oh... Duh!!!
    Lauren is a link. LOL


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