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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Goodies Round-Up

My children gleefully informed me this morning, that we are only 9 days away from Christmas!

And I thought, “Oh my, only 9 days left? So much to do, so little time!” Now I am mostly done with the whole shopping thing and I have been since the end of October really. I just needed to “top up” my gift shopping list on cyber Monday with a few more things, and I was done with that part.

However, I am way behind on the whole baking thing this year!

Usually we have several cookie baking sessions from the first of advent onwards, right up to Christmas - with the last little batch usually being the cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve!

This year however, I’ve not done much baking. Mostly  because I am catering to something like 4 different diets/ways of eating/preferences on our holidays and not all of them are compatible and then things get complicated. And a lot of these kind of goodies aren’t like my “normal” advent baking, that gets better the longer it sits and you WANT to bake it a month in advance.

So this next week, I’ll be making some goodies and I wanted to share with you some of the bounty that is available to  us in terms of tempting goodies that also keep you on plan!



There will be some Homemade Marzipan. I have already made this and it is waiting to be made into some cookies, so stay tuned for that recipe which I will post over the next few days.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the cookies in progress:

I also have the Grand Manier ready, which by the way turned out very well. The flavor is wonderful! It is a little late to be making the Grand Manier for Christmas, but you do have time to make the Quick sugar-free Amaretto!


How about some Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Star Meringue Cookies),



or some of Carolyn’s Cranberry Pecan Crescents (Low Carb and Gluten Free,)




or Chocolate Peppermint Cookies,



or Caramelized Macadamia Pecan Squares,



Or how about this Gingerbread House from Maria's Nutritious and Delicious Journal,



or the Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies from Healthy Living How To.



Also, don’t forget about lovely things like sugar-free candied ginger,  or making your own colored casting/ sanding “sugar” to decorate some cookies.



If you are looking for a good basic cut-out cookie dough, try this one:



And of course, we can’t forget delectable truffles for the holidays!



Or some Coconut Cookies by Jennifer Eloff:



And I’m thinking of making these for Christmas Eve: Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites



And look at these little beauties: Honey Nut Cookies,


or some Peppermint Patties,



or these Healthy Magic Cookie Bars.



Yum! One thing is for sure - there is certainly an abundance of delectable low-carb, sugar-free and gluten-free indulgences out there! There is absolutely no need for deprivation, so treat your family and yourself this holiday season and make some!

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  1. Hi Birgit - just wanted to let you know I've added you to my most special blog roll to honor your work. Your blog is amazingly fantastic!!

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer! Love your blog and recipes too!

  3. Thank you. :) Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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