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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Releasing The Past AJ Page

The page was painted/drawn on an old book page. Once I was finished I mod-podged the entire page onto one of my empty Cason journal pages, so I can bind it with the rest of my journal pages.


I spread some off white acrylic paint thinly over the page with an old credit card. I wanted the print to still show through, but not dominate the page. Then I mostly just used Perfect Pearl Mists and a little bit of water color to add color to this page. Another thing that I did differently on this one was, that I actually drew the girl first (the dress is the original white background) and then covered her with masking fluid before adding any colors, sprays etc. 


It’s a whole new way of doing pages for me but I really enjoyed branching out into softer colors and a more child like girl. I have a feeling I might have a few more of these in me!

Some of the birds are drawn on, some are painted on and some are little bits of paper cut out, glued on and then outlined.



Here are some shimmery details from the in progress page:



And showing some more of those shimmer mists from a different angle. In person however, the whole page is covered in different subtle shades of shimmer mists, which gives this page a really lovely visual effect.


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  1. Hi hi my name is Eyrun and I am also in LB 2014....just whant to tell you that I love your pic : )


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