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Friday, June 22, 2012

Project Life Weekly Share

I thought it might be an idea to share my Project Life pages on a weekly basis.

I am mostly up to date now, so the posts won’t be as long and picture laden as the last one - and this one.

This one will have several more weeks combined!

Are you ready?


Here we go:



I have started to play with different sized inserts. This one for the beginning of March is a “half-page” with three 4x6 inch pockets.




I wanted to keep a record of the kiddos evolving handwriting.



Here’s a quick and easy “2-pager”. I cut two papers the same size, then taped them together with some washi tape. I attached a tab at the top, so I remember that there is more to this one.




I randomly hand the kids blank index cards and encourage them to draw or write a story they want to add to this week’s project life. They are usually only too happy to oblige!



That week I got some really nice photos of the kids, so the page ended up mostly pictures, which works just fine for me!

I am still waiting on an alphabet roller stamp to be delivered, hence the little post it stickers to remind me what I still wanted to do on those photos!




I got some dividers for the various months too, but I haven’t embellished them yet. I have several ideas, but I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, what I will do with them. How are you decorating yours?




This one is mostly about father’s day. My husband as well as my own father! An especially good call we had that week, some reminiscing on their visit last year, some of the things we gave Daddy for his father’s day gifts, etc..




I screen shot the areal view of our house in Google earth and added it. And above you see another kid contribution. I now encourage them to also write the story on the back of the card, which also gives a great insight into what’s going on with them, what they are interested in and their evolving handwriting and spelling abilities!



A lengthy conversation ensued on Facebook between me and some of my friends after posting a particular picture and there was a lot of funny reminiscing prompted by it. I printed it all out and made a tri-fold insert - again with a “pull” tab to indicate that there is more to read.

And as you can see, I am slightly obsessed with the Studio Calico Wood Veneer embellishments and currently want to add them to just about anything!  I wish I could still find the stars somewhere, but other than the states and frames, all online stores seems to be sold out of them!



A screen shot of a map quest map to denote the traveling destination and  a screen shot of our skyping session (while the rest of the family was away from home.) And documenting just how bad the Skype connection is on that particular line!




I also like to include recipes that are significant to the family.

Above I printed out a blog post, that also contains a recipe. Since it was a long post, I folded it and added a tab.

Below I added just the recipe to the family’s favorite ice tea at the time.



So, here we are! I am now pretty much up to date on my album and look forward to just updating one week at the time from now on!

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