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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life - Catching Up! (October)

I haven’t shared any of my Project Life months in quite some time. Mostly because I was everywhere from moderately behind in some months, to totally behind in others. I am still catching up a little bit here and there with journaling as you will see, but for the most part I’m caught up.

And I have a lot to share!

So here we go with October - the month that starts the “busy season” for us and that doesn’t really quite let up until January!

For some reason I had real trouble capturing these photos well. I tried several cameras and several locations and none worked very well. So, some of the photos are pretty grainy and fuzzy - sorry about that!


In this first spread I used a smaller middle insert, so you see some of the next spread peaking through the sides.



On this page I have much more journaling than photos, which is great for a change. Since the kid’s birthday is coming up, there’ll be plenty of photos with a whole lot less journaling!




Flipping over the smaller middle insert. The next insert is just three (well, six, if you are counting back and front) 6x4 slots. That signals the start of the main event that month - the twin’s birthday!




And here we are! The birthday!



Flipping the 6x12 insert over. I love using different sized photo pockets! It adds so much interest when you’re flipping through the folder! It does however not show what it is so easily on a photograph, so you may not be getting the full benefit here!



For the most part I printed or typed brief comments/journaling for each photo on a 6x12 label sheet, which I then cut down to one-liner strips and adhered it to the photos. I really like that look and it’s fast becoming a favorite way of journaling. It’s a little more work intensive, but since I do many of them at the same time and have the cutting of the strips down with the paper cutter, it’s getting much more efficient!


Another thing I did on this spread was to go online and get little pictures of all the gifts the kids got for their birthday. I printed them all out and adhered them onto the one card. My kids LOVE remembering what they got when and this is a fun little visual for them!




Here are the layouts for the cakes. I ended up just doing a few random “in progress” shots for each cake on the top, and then 3 photos of the finished cake at the bottom.



Here’s the other side, with the same, but this time for Anna’s cake.



I only had one insert with those square pockets and it seemed the perfect one to use for the party pictures. There were a lot of them and there’s really not all that much to say, so I used just the photos with the little strip journaling on the photos again. A quick and easy way to process a lot of photos without having to use a card for each one.






And then we move on to a few of the more regular happenings of the month.



Just before we get to Halloween! I did both the cutouts with my Silhouette cutter.



And that was pretty much October in Project Life!

I have to catch you up on several more months, so I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

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