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Monday, March 4, 2013

Current Project Life - February 2013

Since I now have my Project Life friendly, organized space, I am much more able to do a little bit every other day or so, which keeps me pretty current with my Project Life album! Yay! It’s a brand new feeling and I like it!

Since I have things also more accessible and out in the open, I find myself using a lot more of my embellishments and many an PL insert ended up as a simple mini layout! I like that too!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it this month and want to share! There will be a lot of photos, so bear with me!


As you will see, I also used lots of different sized inserts again this month! To make it easier to see which is which, I took the album pages apart this time!

We start out with this 4x6 one. I love those!

First the month title card, which I always make, even though I also have monthly dividers in my album. It just gets me into the mood of the month a bit! You may also notice that I’ve gone a lot more “flowery” this month. It was initially meant to be a Valentine thing, but now I’m really starting to like it, so I think I might weave in more flowery papers here and there as I go!



In the middle card I have the journaling behind the photo. I secured the photo with some washi tape and then some machine stitching. When you flip the photo open, the journaling is revealed underneath.




Moving on to the back of that first plastic insert. I have a photo of the family watching the super bowl. I put the embellishments straight on the photo as there was a) room, and b) most of the superbowl journaling was already on the previous insert.

I also did a layout on our usual bedtime routine at the moment. I really love writing a little about our daily routines and how they change through the years as the kids grow!

Lastly, there is a layout about the first signs of life in our garden!




Next I have a larger card insert, just to keep things interesting!



The back is pretty much all dedicated to Valentine’s day and it even spilled over into the next page a little. I also have an big envelope in the back of the folder where I collect drawings, cards and such I get from the kids for special occasions, so they don’t all need to be in the slots here.




Here’s another smaller insert again. I really liked those this month! I don’t really tend to plan out my layouts in advance, I go with what I need to write about and make it fit somehow!



Love those little month/date pockets for stashing various things. This month I put the February Lottery ticket and some other little misc. bits and pieces in there!



Moving on to the next insert now, with more “hidden” journaling.  Incidently, this is definitely my most used and favorite Pocket Pages (Design G) !



The card with the “this” arrow actually flips open to reveal a vellum pocket I sewed onto the card underneath. In it I have accordion folded a little printout of my blog post, describing my Project Life organization around the office!



I might still want to add a few notes or embellishments to that empty space under that flip card. Looks a little bare now that I took a picture of it!



It might look quite work intensive, but really it isn’t. For example, with this blog post, I went and saved the blog entry as a pdf, which I then opened in Photoshop. With the “print” feature I have on my blog, you can even specify which pictures you want included and which you don’t. So once saved, I right click the PDF file and choose “open with Photoshop”. Before it opens in Photoshop, I can then specify what size I would like the  finished documents to open as. I had measured my vellum pocket and determined that 2.5 inches in width would do it.  After they all opened in Photoshop, I just stuck them together and printed it out on regular printing paper. In this case the post was longer than a regular sheet of printing paper, so I had to stick a few together to make a continuous sheet, but that is optional. You could also just add the pages loosely or stapled together.


I love doing this kind of thing for long journaling or for incorporating some of my blog posts!


And then we move on to the next page! Somehow I ended up doing a lot of journaling this month. I don’t always have the time to do it, but I do enjoy it when it does happen as it’s so nice to look back on the stories and descriptions later on!




Which brings me to another journaling insert. I did it much the same way as the blog post insert, only this one isn’t so long. Since the journaling is a bit more of a personal nature, I didn’t want it to show straight away, so I folded this one the other way around, with one of Ali Edwards words I cut in the Silhouette stuck on the front. All of it pulls out from the sewn vellum pocket and slides back in.




This brings us to the last insert for this month. These are new inserts for me at a new size and I’m really enjoying doing some 4x4 cards! Just for a change! These are Photo Pocket Pages - Design I.



And the last page of inserts before March starts!



And that is February! I have to admit, I spent a lot more effort on the individual cards and layouts this month, but I really enjoyed it. And going by the increase in embellishments, having things organized, easily accessible and the small stuff out in the open is really benefiting my Project Life work flow! Yay!

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  1. Super cool! I have always admired the Ali Edwards project life but I assumed that one had to be Ali to do it justice. Love this project!!!


  2. Thank you, Halle! Project Life is pretty much for everyone! And you can choose how much you put in it and how much time you spend on it, so give it a go! It's really fun!

  3. Wow - so cool. You make beautiful PL pages. Love the colors you've used for February and love, love, love all the different inserts. :)

    I love what you wrote: "I don’t really tend to plan out my layouts in advance, I go with what I need to write about and make it fit somehow!" ... I do the same. I don't care if I have 1 or 2 or maybe three inserts (I do my pages weekly) - or if there's no inserts. I go with what I have and make it fit. :)

    Thank you for the inspiration.
    I found your link via Michelle's "Saturday PL Blog Hop".


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