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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Homemade Bread - Spelt Sourdough


Today’s bread was a bit of an experiment for me!

I used half freshly ground organic spelt (in the vitamix) and half sprouted (then dried, then ground to flour) spelt.

I used my usual no knead ratio, which usually produces a relatively easy to handle, even though very soft, dough.

Not in this case however. I suspect that the sprouted flour reacts somewhat differently to moisture!

It produced an amazingly sour flavor (in a good way) but the dough stayed VERY soft and sticky, even after the addition of some more flour.This made it very hard to handle the dough, hence the somewhat odd shape and crust. It didn’t even hold it’s basic shape while I was lifting it from the proofing basket to the Clouche on a parchment paper!

The flavor and texture of the bread is, however, very good. As I said, amazing sourdough flavor, nice open holes in the crumb and a lovely crunchy crust!

I will experiment further and will post a recipe once I have devised a more manageable dough!

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