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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Yesterday, I finally couldn’t wait any longer to play with my new Liquitex acrylic ink bottles that had arrived on Friday!



I started out by roughly outlining a hair-do with a brush, then wet the entire inside and went to town, using all the 5 inks that I had gotten. I would put a drop or so of ink in a spot, then get a brush full of water and let the color run and drip toward the same corner, helping it along with wet brushes of various sizes.



I was catching all the drips with a kitchen towel, and once I was done with the dripping hair, this lovely blotchy pattern had developed on the kitchen towel, so I smoothed it out, dried it and then pulled it apart (it was a 2-ply) and used it for the background!

It made for a lovely pitted texture throughout the background! And even though I mod-podged it on thoroughly, it was still receptive to color, stamps and acrylics!


{Stamped all over it!}


{I highlighted folds and creases with some distress ink.}


{With white acrylic paint rubbed over certain areas.}


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  1. Hello Birgit, I saw your project in the gallery on Willowing, I am in Lifebook 2013, and loving it. But it was your name, i wondered about, and even more as i saw you living in Phoenix, it sounds very danish, my mother is named Birgit! But I have been looking at your blog now for hours, and i like your projects so much, and all of your good advices and diy's. I will definately come back and have a look, and i am looking forward to see your lifebook 2014 projects - i wont join 2014. As i havent made all of 2013 yet.


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