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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Big 20/20 Event: Day 10: Make Your Own Felt Bag

Welcome back to “The Big 20/20 Event” - I am so glad you’re joining us! We will be sharing 20 fantastic tutorials from a host of awesome contributors, for 20 days.
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Here we go with our Day 10 tutorial.


Make Your Own Felt Bag


This post comes from the lovely Tracey.
I wanted to share how I made felt gift bags for Christmas presents this year. These are great for giving gift cards, money, or other small items. A big bonus is that they are reusable.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial and maybe make some yourself. Have fun!!
A little more about Tracey
What inspires you? Everything in nature inspires me.  It may be the cloud formations in the sky to a ladybug of a leaf.
Where do you get your ideas from for tutorials/products?  Usually I come up with ideas when I'm in bed trying to go to sleep.  lol
How long have you been a creating your products? I have been a crafter ever since I was a kid.  Art has always played a big part in my life.
What is your biggest dream for your future? To live a long happy life with my family and paint until my heart's content.
Tracey's Bio:
I am Tracey Gurley. I’m from North Carolina and I’ve lived here my entire life. I’m a wife, I’m a mother, I’m a  sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed…oh wait… that’s a song. ;) I am creative.  I love to laugh.  I love nature. I love music. I love art. Most of all, I love my husband and daughter. I have been creative my whole life – almost 46 years. It started back when I was a kid. I used to dig rocks out of the creek in my yard, wash them off and paint them.  I’m sure my neighbors were really happy to receive my gifts.  Lololol  I also spent a lot of time in the creek digging out the perfect clay to form them into little bowls. I would set them out to dry on the bridge in the sun.  Then of course, after they were dry, I painted them. I have continued to explore my creativity throughout the years to live a creative and happy life.

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