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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Last night was a little tough! Max was one miserable little boy! He was soooo tired he could barely keep his eyes open, but he has a bit of a cold (=stuffed up nose) and he couldn't take his binky. We have him weened off "daytime binkies" for several months now, but it is still essential for comfort during the night! So he would wake up WAILING, screaming like somebody was about to roast him alive. When it happened the first time I thought that some horrific thing had happened to him - but when I got there it was "just" Max being ever so miserable, holding his binkie duck in consternation and despair, sniffling and in much need of comfort. The "clear your sinuses out" solution I added to their humidifier did help a little but not quite enough to keep him asleep!

Long night short ... he had us up way too many times last night! I went about 8 times, DH twice ... and the boy was just a little heap of misery that needed lots of Mama hugs and reassurance. Of course by then Anna would be up too!
I have very good sleepers though usually and I hardly ever have to get up during the night to see to them, unless they are sick, so I really can't complain. However, I do feel the restless night this morning ... but of course the kids are just fine ... they have energy to spare ... and they were up as many times as me! Ahhh old age ... lol
Let's see how naptime goes! Max's nose has reached the runny stage right now, which means chasing after him and wrestling with him for ever nose wipe, but I have lots of practice in that :D
I had hoped to scrap a LO last night, since I usually "treat" myself with a LO when I've finished all my products for a release day but of course that didn't happen. I got as far as photo placement before the wailing started - oh well! Maybe tonight!

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  1. Awww poor Max! Hope he'll be better soon!


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