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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We went to a First Birthday Party on Sunday afternoon. As you can see, the kiddos need to fight over that particular blanket wherever we go *sigh* :)

And we also had lots of fun with bows!

The photos are not the best unfortunately - we really do need to get a new camera now. This one is dying a slow but steady and extremely pixelating death!
I'm still debating which one to get, since I would like to go for something a lot more sophisticated than a point and shoot this time. A camera that grows with my skill level - ie goes from "point and shoot" (my level now) to custom manual settings of a pro (hopefully my level sometime in the future!)
It certainly needs to be a camera that can keep up with action shots - the kids aren't going to slow down any in the next few years and I am so tired of trying to fix blurry photos!
Anyway, I'm sure I'll be discussing the camera issue in depth here if and when it happens *grin*

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  1. I love your new blog Birgit!! SLR! WAHOO! I am still totally in love with mine and am excited that you will be purchasing one as well! Your kiddies are just too cute!


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