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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Here are my latest two LOs. I've been playing some more with cast shadows and lighting as you can see!

We weren't able to spend the holidays with my mother (who lives in germany), so she sent us this photo she took of the "Roses Of Hope" arrangement she made.

Winter Warm - Jofia
Angelic - Milla Designs
Frames - Birgit Kerr
Staple - Maya
Baby's breath - Doris Castle
Font: CK Becky

Anna, you are such a cuddle bug! I hear the words "I need a hug", or "let's have a cuddle" from you all day long! And most of the time only a Mommy hug will do! Then all is right with the world again. Until the next "let's have a cuddle". Love you! xo

Heavenly Creatures - Sausan Design
Wire ornament and gold swirls fromAngelic - Milla Designs
Staples from Staplestash - Maya
Curled Edge - Jen Caputo
Alpha from Winter Warm - Jofia
Fonts: CK Becky, Glider Girls

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  1. Oh my gosh,the 'let's have a cuddle' would simply melt your heart! Totally cute!

  2. Love that crumpled background on the roses of hope layout...so much light and shadow and depth! And Anna's cuddle page...oh, just so full of delicious girl stuff! Love it!


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