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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Project Life Weekly Share

This last week and a bit (well actually it has been two weeks, come to think of it) I ended up with a lot of good photographs of the kids, and I decided to do a “week of food”, so the photos take much more of a center stage in the second week.

Since it was a really busy week, this was a perfect example of how Project Life can really adapt. I scrapped much less for each entry, but still have a rich documentation of our life, but in this case the photos and the journaling are mostly the stars, with a few ready made embellishments thrown in!  I figured I could always add at a later date if I felt the need!

I was a little concerned that the difference in “effort” might be visible,  but it doesn’t look like anybody really cares (or even notices), least of all the kids, who are quite enthralled with the Project Life album and seeing everything documented.







I made this one by printing out two maps, one of Edinburgh and one of Phoenix. Then I cut out a heart from the Phoenix one, overlayed it on the Edinburgh one and fastened them to each other with pop dots. Then I stuck a little red heart by Edinburgh, also with a pop dot.








Here I added a 5x7 Pocket by taping it to the edge of the 12x12 photo page. It’s totally invisible and allows me to open and close the pocket easily. So it doesn’t open when I don’t want it to, I added a super thin magnet between the pages of the 5x7 pocket and the inserts on the 12x12 page. I love having extra fold-outs and different sized pockets throughout the album. It adds so much interest and there’s always something new to find!


Here it is open. I used the extra pocket for collecting some of the photos the kids take with their “toy” cameras.






Since we thought the tooth lost and the tooth fairy didn’t actually “take” the tooth, it was decided to put it in the album after Max found it a few days later!






I have  photos of the food that comes out of my kitchen throughout my Album, but I thought it would be fun to have a few days to a week where I document our main meals or musings about the food we eat. As a result I have some photos from our dinners, some musings about butter lettuce (growing and eating it etc,) journaling about starting the day with spinach smoothies for the kids and me, etc.

I think it makes for a nice little snapshot of our food life.

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  1. I love the way you split one picture into two for the small pockets...I never would have thought of that. I don't have my project life kit yet...waiting for restocking, but I'm getting lots of good ideas from you. In fact, you are the one who introduced me to project life. I can't wait to get started!

  2. Yes, I think they said on Becky's blog that a major restock is coming in a week or so! You won't have to wait too much longer! :) I couldn't wait at the time and just started anyway! I'm impatient like that!
    I'm glad your getting ideas! I hope to see some of your pages once you get started on your Project Life! It's so much fun!


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