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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The last couple of months ...

... have been quite the whirl wind for me!

You may have noticed my absence from the blog! Funny how that works, really!

While I am out living life, being in my whirlwind or amazingly good things, new things, changes, improved old things and every day amazing things, I always think , “Oh, I have to blog about that!”

And then I pretty much write that blog post in my head, add the photos I shot too and then - that’s it!

It’s like I have done it energetically, and I miss the part where I would actually have to physically do it and post it! And then I go to my blog and realize I haven’t posted in weeks! Wow! I need me some  mr.spok-mind-meld kind of software that takes it out of my head and actually posts it!

Then again, wasn’t there an Eureka Episode where they invented just such a thing and it all went horribly wrong as it usually does? Hmmm, yes, maybe not yet then!


Anyway, I’ve been busy!

As I’ve already posted, I cranked up Photoshop again for some digiscrap designing again. And it continues to be fun, so watch out for more little collabs coming your way!

Oh, speaking of which! I made a cluster pack with Studio Rosey Posey’s Softly Shabby  and Studio Amanda Rockwell’s Kit  that is now in the store!



This whole collection is fabulous! So pretty!






Anyway, I digress!

So, other than being busy getting back into the fun of digi scrap designing, I’ve out and about attending seminars, classes and workshops and meeting so many fabulous new people! And all of that while I’m working towards certification in a variety of modalities, and getting and feeling better and better myself as I go!

I’ve been hoping for quite some time to meet some like-minded friends locally and now that seems to be happening and I am enjoying every minute of it!

How does it get better than that?


I have also been involved in a variety of project, that I can’t quite reveal yet, but you guys will be the first to know as soon as I can!


My Project Life folder has suffered the same fate as my blog this last month! I record it all in my head, I take the photos and then it just seems to not quite make it into existence in my folder! So, I am about a month behind there. However, I have the photos, I jotted down the relevant things and I keep a running tally of the things I want to document, so once I actually get to sit down, it will be fairly quick putting it all together!


The twin’s birthday is coming up too. This year it means two very different requests for birthday cakes!


One “my little pony” birthday cake for my girl and a, preferably playable, angry birds cake for my boy!


So, I have a lot of sugar paste modeling coming up! And party planning. And yard fixing. And house cleaning. And, and, and ... ! The kids seem to really be at an age where birthday fever really kicks in!

They’ve been counting they days, trying to get me to give them hints and clues, or actually just downright tell them what their presents might be. They’ve been making guest lists for weeks and we’re still a month away from it now! So, I’m sure things will get even more intense as the big day draws near!

Initially the kids wanted to have their party at a popular kid’s place this year. I’m not overly fond of “the rat”  or the way birthday parties go down at that place, but many of their little friends have had their parties there of late, so it was the kid’s wish to have it there too. And we would have just gone for it. I can see the advantage of not having a bunch of kids descend upon our home and to just go somewhere else to do it - even if it will be a whole lot more impersonal and somewhat cookie cutter!


However, a coupon deal came up that even my kids couldn’t resist!

With the deal we will have a 15 foot bouncy castle in our yard (which will just barely fit!) which the company sets up, as well as tables and chairs for 12 and your choice of machine (popcorn, cotton candy or shaved ice.) Needless to say my kiddos chose cotton candy!

So, they come and set all that up a couple of hours before the party starts, then they come after the party is done and take it all away - and all that for $97!

Awesome, right?  We had experienced it the year before when a friend had the deal for her little boy and it worked out just great!


I’ve also decided that I will really take it easy this year on the party prepping, and just do pizza with a couple of sides, the two birthday cakes and a few munchies. Plus the decorations and all that.

Then again, I say that every year and then the parties always turn into something bigger and better - and more work intensive for me. It will be interesting to see what happens this year!


So, that’s a very brief rundown of the last few weeks and things to come!


What fabulous new things have you all been up to? Any new adventures you are embarking on?

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  1. You are so multi-talented Birgit! I just had an amazing snack of greek yogurt with your version of low carb honey and some slivered almonds and it was heaven! I just wanted to thank you for that recipe! (for all of them actually) I can have honey again! :D

    A very happy low carb camper,



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