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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Cakes Progress, the Angry Birds Edition

First of all, the turrets are done and drying, so are any kind of extra windows, doors and a bunch of little flowers. For Anna’s cake, all the work is done for now, as assembly will have to happen on the day! Right now they are just drying!



Next, Max’s Angry Bird Cake. As I have mentioned before, he requested for some of the birds and pigs to be toys that he can keep, so I don’t really have to make very many! Yay!

I am also planning on using chocolate wafers for the building of the structure to be “destroyed” on top of the cake, so I don’t have to make those beams either.

I will probably make a few more rocks, folders and other things that can be “crashed” and leave it at that until it’s time to actually make the cakes on Friday and Saturday!


Here’s where I am at right now:




Funnily enough, I had the hardest time with the pig! Somehow it just didn’t want to look authentic. Doesn’t matter however. This is one of the “smash” pigs anyway. Meaning, I am playing with the idea of giving Max a plastic slingshot and got to town on his cake with some of the fondant birds and pigs!


Speaking of birds, here’s the step-by-step creation of the Red Angry Bird:


These are all the pieces you need to make a red angry bird.



First, place the white circle on the red body “ball”.



I would, in retrospect, make the tail hole, and let it dry over night. It will make the handling of the bird much easier. Mine was way soft and kept on changing shape , which just made things unnecessarily hard!


Next, take your v-shaped head feather, moisten the body with some water (use a small brush)  or the Wilton Dab-n-hold, and place the head feathers on, smoothing them into the head a bit.



Next, use a pair of small scissors to make a snip into the yellow fondant cone to make the beak and attach to the body. Then attach the white eye part, the black eye balls and attach the eye brows in a V-shape across the eyes to give the angry look!



This is the side view now:



Last, wet the tail indentation with some water and place the black tail feathers in it.


And there you have it! The red angry bird!


I created the others pretty much the same way, changing the colors and shapes according to the pictures of the original characters.


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