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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Angry Bird Cake - The Final Assembly and Destruction!

So, yesterday was the big day! Max  and Anna turned seven! Wow, when did that happen?!


We had a great day full of excitement, kid energy, good friends, bouncing and partying!

And there was cake! Lots of cake!


Before I take you through the remainder of the steps for this Angry Bird cake, here is the final result!





If you missed the other post on the progress of this cake, check it out here: Birthday Cakes Progress, the Angry Birds Edition


Anyway, after that last post, Max requested an orange bird, so I made that one.



And some round boulders. Instead of having round lumps of fondant, which are really not all that pleasant to eat, I covered some whoppers in varying shades of gray fondant. It made it quick and easy, as the whoppers provided a solid shape to put the fondant on!  And there was little drying time!



I also stuck some chocolate wafers together with a little chocolate frosting, to make the structures. For some reason that photo went totally blurry however, so you have to just take my word for it!


I did take a short cut on this cake by ordering an undecorated 8 inch cake from the Fry’s (Kroeger) bakery. Could I have baked the cake myself - of course. Was my time better spent on other things - yes!

So, the night before the party, I rolled out some green fondant, cut a wavy line and placed it at the bottom edge of the cake - grassy hills or something. I also cut out some gold stars and placed those on the side of the cake!

I also pulsed some vanilla oreos in the food processor until they resembled sand.



Since I had to transport the cakes to our venue, I left final assembly until an hour before the party!


And then it was really just a matter of  placing the rest of the items on there. As you can see we ended up having lots of pigs that Max was able to keep as toys, while the birds and all the rest remained edible!


Since this was a playable cake, after blowing out the candle, Max got a little plastic sling shot and some more little toy angry birds and he pelted them at the cake until he “got” all the pigs!

We captured this on video, however, excitement took over and lots of little heads/bodies are in much of the video! I tried to extract some shots from the video, but somehow that doesn’t make for good picture quality. But you get the idea!







One way or another, it was definitely the cake as far as Max was concerned - and pretty much every other boy  at the party! And because of the “make ahead” and “ready made”  factor, this cake was really quite easy to put together!


And it tasted good too!




Next up, the Princess Castle cake!

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