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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Princess Castle Cake - The Final Assembly!

Ok, now to the biggie - the Princess Castle “My little Pony” cake! I mean biggie not just because of all the work and prepping involved, but actually because it ended up being quite a big cake!

Here is what it looked like all assembled and ready for some little girl birthday admiration!





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Since this is not the kind of cake that travels well, and I had to take it across town to our venue for the party, I basically took all the parts and did most of the assembling on site.


The night before the party, I cut out the castle wall fondant. I let it dry over night, so I could still shape it without cracking, but it would be dry enough to be stable and hold it’s shape once it wrapped around the cakes.



I rolled out several sections, scored them with a knife to make the bricks and cut the top with a small square cookie cutter.


The next day, I wrapped it around the cakes.



Then I wrapped everything up and transported it to the venue. I did lose a few flower petals, even with the best of wrapping, but that’s why I made plenty, just in case.

None of the tower pieces suffered any damage however, so that was great!

My very first step was to fix the roofs on top of the turrets with some white icing, so they would have a little time to dry and stabilize.

While they were drying, I stacked the smaller cake on top of the 8-inch one. The middle turret was easy to affix - I just pushed it into the cake and adjusted for straightness.


It was really as easy as affixing everything with white frosting at this point. I already had the door, the windows and all the flowers ready and dry, so it was simply a gluing job. To affix the towers, I made put a little pile of icing about the size of the turret in the spot where it would go, then I pushed the turret into it.

Then I made a little strip of icing where the side of the turret would meet the cake and pushed it into the puddle of icing, gently pressing it against the castle walls. Since the turrets are hollow inside, they weren’t very heavy, even though they were a tad top heavy with the sugar cone in the roof.

Once they were in there though, they didn’t budge! Not even after we cut into the cake!

I literally had to pull them back out, for total disassembly! I was quite pleased about how well they help up! Having a real flat bottom on the dried fondant turrets really helps there!



After that it was all about the little details. Finishing off the windows, placing all the flowers around the bottom of the castle, placing the candle and the figures in place and that was it!



Yes, I used the store bought tubed icing, since it was the easiest to transport!


Again, to make life easier, I had bought an undecorated 8-inch cake from Fry’s (Kroeger) and it worked out really well! For a start it came in a sturdy box to transport it in, which I would have had to purchase for the homemade one!

Once I was done, I scattered all the left-over tiny blossoms all over the cakes.



And in the end, there was  this castle cake and a VERY happy birthday girl!





Note how she’s already holding a plate, a napkin and a fork! This girl is all about the cake!


And it tasted really good too!



The top was a lemon cake with lemon cream filling, the bottom was a vanilla cake with strawberry cream filling.

So, between Anna’s cakes and Max’s, we had three cake options! How does it get better than that?



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