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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Work in Progress

I’ve been itching to do a mixed media canvas for some time now, especially since I’ve been so focused on Project Life the last few months. So, yesterday I finally got to it, with no idea as to what I wanted to do.



It’s was the first time for me using a canvas board. Definitely a different experience to regular canvas and paper! I loved the coarse texture for the texturing part, but it was a lot harder to draw and paint on! Initially I missed the “give” of the canvas or paper that I am used to.



Since I am using a lot of pearl mists and iridescent paint, it’s hard to photograph the board and get in undistorted impression, but many different angles will eventually give you a full picture!

I am only vaguely clear as to where this one is going at this point, but I’m having so much fun with it right now and I peeled mod podge, paint and gesso off my fingers with relish last night!



I think I feel some wire elements coming on for the free spaces. Interestingly enough I only realized later, that I’ve been gravitating toward very similar colors as this little canvas I made quite a while ago, that also had wire art in it. Hmmm, guess I wasn’t done with that phase just yet!



This is how far I got last night - I am curious to see where this is going next!

What are you working on right now?

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  1. This is very beautiful as it is, but I'm sure you already have something in mind to turn it into something even more beautiful! It's just that the face shows very very nice, I like it, so I hope you work around it ;-)

    I'm working on an article right now, has nothing to do with art journaling, but seeing your post and other images on Pinterest made me want so bad to grab my brushes and start painting... ;-)


  2. I don't paint because I am no good at it but this is just wonderful.

  3. @ Christina, thank you! And no, I'm not planning on covering up the face at all. I think that side of the painting/canvas is done. But there is the whole left side that needs "stuff" to tie it all together :)

    @ Lynn, thank you! And, a couple of years ago I said the same thing! I still don't think I can "paint" like other can, but I can do some stuff and I'm getting better at incorporating and expanding those few things that I can do! So, give it a shot, discover what you ARE good at and expand on it! I wonder what awesome art you could create ...!?

    Have a fabulous day everyone!

  4. Hi Birgit, I am for the first time at your blog (via Pinterest) and what a beautiful work you make. Fantastic the different styles and your beautiful figures. Love it. And your many tutorials.
    Lovely greet Marja


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