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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Bit Of Everything

1. Our Daily Tomato Harvest.

Yes,  in January! That is unusual even for Phoenix! Several of our tomato plants survived the frosts (partly thanks to some frost cloth action on my part) and have been producing tomatoes all through winter for us. Slower and smaller than the ones we would get when the nights aren’t quite so cold, but nevertheless an abundance of tomatoes!



2. New Items In The Store

I have two new items in my Etsy Store.

First of all, canvas #3 in the “Follow The Whispers” series:


{Mixed Media Canvas - 8" x 8", stretched canvas.}

The words on the canvas read: Remember who you wanted to be.


And here are the little ladies together!



I also put the “Hello Moment” canvas in the store.


{Mixed Media Canvas - 8" x 8", stretched canvas.}

The words on the canvas read: Breathe in. Hello Moment. Breathe out. I am here.


3. Craft related money saving tip.

Do you know those awesome Ranger crafting mats that nothing sticks to?



Yes,  I love to work on those! They just wipe clean, whatever you throw at them.

However, they are usually anywhere around $9- $20 a pop and I use more than one in my office/arts/crafts room, and on more than one table/location. My kids use them, I even use them in the kitchen!


Turns out, that these Non-Stick Dehydrator Sheets are EXACTLY the same thing, only you get 5 of them for $10! 

They are square instead of the Ranger rectangular shape, but honestly, I don’t really care! By the way, they stick together really well with some clear packing tape!



Oh, and Blitsy has everything Martha Stewart for enamel and glass crafts on sale today, if you are stocking up on any of those!



4. Some in-progress yummy-ness from my studio.



Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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  1. Love the series, it turned out beautiful.

  2. I was just lamenting how much those mats were as mine is getting rather stained and spattered. What an awesome idea. How did you discover it?

    Betsy at PaperCalliope.com

  3. Thank you, Kim!
    @ Betsy - I was looking for some dehydrator sheets.When they arrived, I realized what they were exactly the same as the craft sheet material and acted the same! :)


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