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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh, What Fun It Is To Play!

Last night I finally made some time for art playing - and play I did!

We had  a Life Book  “lesson” by Carla Sonheim this week, which included several little exercises designed to just let go, just be in the flow and return to the childlike approach to art and imagination!

There were blobs that turned into animals, drawings done with the non-dominant hand, one-liners (whatever you draw has to be done in one continuous line,) drawing with our eyes closed, scribbles, making odd paper shapes into flowers and turning randomly placed tape into animals.



The really cool thing about all these little exercises is, that they are designed for you to let go and have fun. There’s no room for perfectionism to enter the arena, as you just can’t be attached to the outcome. I mean really, even the most present perfectionist in us would have a hard time judging us on a drawing we did with our eyes closed!



And the outcome can be surprising and quite cute! I’ve been amazed and delighted at all the cute critters that have been showing up on the LB2014 gallery!

There’s no way I could have created any of my little animals or flowers with my brain turned on!



That is not to say that the brain didn’t want to be part of it too! It’s very hard for me to turn my inner (art) critic off, and it does require a conscious choice to just have fun with this, to let go and be ok, whatever the outcome! And I’m so glad I did!

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