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Friday, January 17, 2014

Garden Seed Organization

I spent some time in the garden yesterday!

It was a warm and sunny day and it was a pleasure to be outside, pottering around in the garden. Sowing some things, starting some seedlings for the mid/end of February “summer”planting, etc. We get to grow almost all year around here, except for the blisteringly hot summers - nothing much survives those!

However, it takes a bit of figuring out what grows when, as “normal” planting calendars don’t really work for us. We do get some frosts during the winter and when summer heat sets in early, it can really cut the spring/summer growing season very short!

Thankfully there are plenty of books about organic gardening in the low desert - or the hostile desert, as one book calls it, and I’ve learned a lot in the last year!

It wasn’t so important to know all that when I was just growing stuff in a few pots, but now that I’ve gone bigger, there seems to be a lot to learn. And it’s exciting to learn it! Some is trial and error. Some is trial and glorious success!


And while on the topic of gardening, I thought I’d show you my seed organization!



Yes, my little .... ahhmmm.... large box of seeds! I love it when repurposing works out so well!

Let me show you a bit more of it and you’ll see why I love it so!



Do you recognize what it was in a former life yet?



Yes, it’s one of those Photo Keepers/Organizers !



Since I don’t have too many photographs to keep anymore, with everything residing on my computer, this little suitcase with it’s separate little boxes, seemed perfect for keeping my seeds organized and dry!

I just made some labels for the various little snap closure inserts and they were ready to be filled with my seed packets.



I also have my planting calendars (which I laminated) in the lid, so they are always handy!

This has worked out really well for me for the last year or so, much better than my previous methods of keeping seeds, which have been many!

And to finish, let me share a few glimpses around our garden right now!

I don’t think I will ever quite get used to (being a Bavarian girl, that grew up with real winters and deep snow) gardening in a sun-filled backyard, in a balmy 70 degrees, snacking on fresh cherry tomatoes and strawberries - in the middle of JANUARY! And I am so very grateful for that!








And would you just look at our cute personal-sized butternut squashes!



May you all have a sun-filled, joyful day!

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  1. My butternut pumpkin came out personal sized too, lol

  2. Awesome!!! When we move back to Australia later this year (from Switzerland) and actually have a back yard again, I'll definitely be making one of these boxes!! Such a great idea. I also love that you put the calendar in there too... Will have to remember that one! Thanks for the tip... :)

  3. Really like the look and feel of your blog. The colors are really nice and soothing. Also love your recycled idea of the the photo keeper. I love taking every day items and upcycling them into something useful.

  4. Wow, this is great!!! My husband is the gardener in the family and he leaves his seeds EVERYWHERE!! I know exactly what I'm going to do with them all now. Thanks so much! :-)


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