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Monday, February 10, 2014

On a Roll And A New Etsy Store Option.

1. On A Roll. I have been on such a roll this last week with the splatter paintings. What started out as a Lifebook 2014 lesson, has taken on a whole life of it’s own.

All of a sudden a certain technique with these ink sprays seems to emerge for me - and to be honest, nobody is more surprised than me that these bold, colorful, out-of-control (in a way) paintings are actually coming out of me!

But, I’m going with it, because I am having way too much fun! I am completely smitten with the boldness, vibrancy and dynamic of  these splatter paintings!

Since my last post there have been several more paintings!

Last Friday, I sat down to make another painting, but I wanted to take it another way. Until I saw this:



To me, there are the very clear outlines of a female face in there! Yes, faces are my theme right now!

Can you see it? The nose over on the left, further down a little, the chin, receding to a neck there by the 4 yellow spots? Up on top, where the yellow goes into the pink, the hairline going into somewhat of a gathered bun on top?

Don’t see it? Doesn’t matter! We all see different things! Here is what I saw:



And with this painting I also discovered this neat thing the Dylusions spray inks do. They are water soluble, which is great for the splattering in the first place, however, it also means that even when they are dry, they dissolve a little bit when you make them wet again. Not a lot, but for me, just enough to get some shading and contouring done for the face.

So, now I’m totally into playing with all those possibilities!

I explored this a little further in this painting. I call it “Receiving”!



I’m having trouble really capturing them in their true splendor, as the shimmer mists I use, just shows up either flat in the scanned pictures, or as a brighter area in the scan. If I’m taking an actual photo, at low light and from various angles that bring out the shimmer, the color of the painting is no longer quite true and the image is every so slightly out of focus!

Here you can see the gold flecks a little more:

I have a feeling I am nowhere near done with these, so chances are there will be many more in future posts!


2.) Offering personalized options on my prints.

Quite a few of these paintings will at some point go into my Etsy store. Some as originals, but most will be as fine art prints and greeting cards in various formats.

Since I always capture my images and paintings prior to adding my words and quotes (except for  the mini canvases) I thought it would be fun to offer you the option of adding your own word for the year, word of relevancy, quote, etc.

I am also offering an intuitive option, if you would like me to choose a word/quote relevant to you.

So far I have added these options to these to prints:



Just click on the images to go to my etsy store and see more details!


3.) Love this quote!

"Life just turns deliciously quirky when you stop resisting yourself and, instead, honor the intuition that tugs at you like a puppy on a leash in the park. Follow the magic and magic starts to follow you." Tama J. Kieves


Where is the magic taking you at the moment?

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  1. I definitely saw the face! Does your etsy store do well? Mine is a total bust at this point. Though to be honest, it is the thing I put the least amount of effort into. I think the problem is that I have not developed any kind of etsy community and I expect customers to magically find me. Ha ha. I love the idea that you offer different formats available for your etsy items. Good concept!- Betsy at www.PaperCalliope.com


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